Getting Published is a blog aimed mainly at helping scholars working in the humanities and social sciences to get published. It is also highly relevant to other academic authors as well as to authors writing in the professions. Non-academic authors will find much to consider in its posts on the future of the book and other issues facing the publishing industry in general.


The blog is written by Gerald Jackson, who is editor in chief of NIAS Press, a small Asian Studies publisher located at the University of Copenhagen in Denmark. He has worked at NIAS – Nordic Institute of Asian Studies since 1993, during which time he has built what was a part-time researcher activity into a fully-fledged, peer-reviewed academic press with a reputation for publishing innovative, high-quality research. Today, it is a leading European publisher on Southeast Asia, publishing also on East and South Asia. Its international sales and distribution network means that NIAS books are found all over the world.

This blog has grown out of the work writing and publishing a book on getting published in the humanities and social sciences that Gerald and his co-author Marie Lenstrup finally completed late in 2008. This was published in early 2009. The purpose of this blog is to add information that was not possible to include in the book, to develop this material based on day-to-day experiences, and indeed to transform the material/blog site into a resource and meeting place for academic authors.

6 Responses to About

  1. Pauline Khng says:

    Gerald, I read through your blog and I will point more authors to it because it is honest, unpretentious and very helpful.

  2. progressivescholar says:

    Hello Gerald,

    Thanks for creating this blog, it is both helpful and user-friendly. If you are ever in need of a copy editor please feel free to contact me, I am a freelance copy editor living in the USA and I specialize in academic editing. Here is my website for more information.

    Have a great day!

    • Hi Megan. Nice to hear from you. While we don’t need a copy editor right now, I’ll keep you in mind.

      One thing, though: we are a European-based publisher working in international English, meaning that we try to get our authors to use ‘realize’ rather than ‘realise’. However, it also means we want ‘analyse’ not ‘analyze’ and ‘30 December 2009’ not ‘December 30, 2009’, periods usually outside (not inside) the quotes, spaced n-dashes rather than m-dashes, etc., etc. There are subtle differences between the dialects that mean that many publishers keep to editors from within their own ‘tribe’.

      I wonder how the Indian out-sourcing companies are coping with this?

  3. […] ta en titt på denne bloggen: Getting Published. Den er skrevet av en dagens foredragsholdere, Gerald Jackson, som også har utgitt en bok om akademisk publisering som (også) heter  Getting […]

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