An invitation to order/organize seminars on academic publishing

There are far more manuscripts written than books published, and many of the books that do get published disappoint both their authors and their publishers by not being more attractive to readers. However, academic life today is infused with the demand that scholars, whether young or established, must regularly publish their work.

In the clamour of authors for publishers’ attention, and in the clamour of books for librarians’ and readers’ attention, how can you ensure that your voice is heard?

Gerald Jackson and Marie Lenstrup, the authors of Getting Published: A Companion for the Humanities and Social Sciences (NIAS Press, 2009), now offer a range of seminars aimed at giving scholars knowledge and understanding of the processes and interests of academic publishers, and enabling them to use this knowledge to achieve success and satisfaction in the competition for attention.

Briefly, three different ‘off the peg’ seminars are on offer:

  1. A full-day seminar aimed at Ph.D. students.
  2. A full-day seminar aimed at post-doctoral scholars.
  3. Two half-day seminars (the morning for Ph.D. students, the afternoon for post-doctoral staff).

It is also be possible for us to tailor the format and content of seminars to your specific wishes.

Interested? For further details, please contact Gerald Jackson at

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