About the book

Cover for "Getting Published"
Getting Published
A Companion for the Humanities and Social Sciences
by Gerald Jackson and Marie Lenstrup

NIAS Reference Library, 2
Published by NIAS Press, March 2009
296 pp., illustrated
Hardback : ISBN 978-87-91114-76-2 : US$ 60.00 / £35.00
Paperback : ISBN 978-87-91114-77-9 : US$ 25.00 / £13.99

Key points

  • A hugely valuable practical guide to success as an academic author.
  • Clear step-by-step guidance on how to plan and produce a manuscript, get it accepted for publication, work through book production, and promote the book for maximum success.
  • Separate chapters on turning a thesis into a book, on writing shorter texts such as journal articles or book chapters, and on self-publishing.
  • Unique in its international outlook, its focus on the humanities and social sciences, and its integration of issues surrounding new technology.

An imperative element of the academic process is publishing research findings. Yet this is becoming increasingly difficult for authors to achieve as publishers are presented with growing numbers of manuscripts, decreasing library sales, and stronger demands on profitability. This book aims to maximize would-be authors’ chances of success in the race to get published. The key concerns are to increase authors’ knowledge and understanding of how the academic publishing industry works; to show authors how they can integrate this understanding into every stage of their work on a publication project; and through this to give them control over the fate of their work. The book also discusses the current state and challenges of academic publishing and indicates where new technology is taking the industry.


Preface; Introduction: Behind the Scenes; Planning Your Book; From Thesis to Book; Writing Your Book; Articles, Chapters and Edited Volumes; Finding the Right Publisher; Getting Accepted; Working Towards Publication; Promoting Your Book; Going It Alone; Epilogue: Publishing Revolutions; Top Tips; Glossary; Index.

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First (unsolicited) review from Oxford Prospect magazine

For any potential would-be academic author this book should prove essential reading. However, in these days of the internet, it is a pity that this book is not available in formats suitable for eBook readers or for paid for audio book downloads.

A far more lengthy review of our book was published in the Journal of Scholarly Publishing late in 2009. You need to have subscriber rights to access this review but a fair summary is posted here.

Another detailed review appeared in the April 2010 issue of Learned Publishing. The full review is free to view on the Learned Publishing site while an annotated summary is posted here.

About the authors

Gerald Jackson has guided hundreds of authors through to publication as editor in chief of NIAS Press, Denmark, and is committed to keeping the Press at the forefront of technological developments. Marie Lenstrup has worked in academic book marketing for many years and now runs ASBS, Netherlands, a consultancy and marketing agency for academic publishers.

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