Breaking through the publication barrier

Welcome to Getting Published, a blog aiming to help scholars working in the humanities and social sciences (and indeed any other author) to get published. The blog covers both general issues in academic publishing and more specific issues relating the process of getting published, right from initial concept all the way through to publication, promotion and sale of the finished book.

Normally, this blog has posts on different issues sparked by events in my working life. At the moment, however, I am writing a series of posts mapping the process (and the author’s place in it) of publishing a book – from delivery of the final ms through to its arrival in a bookshop or library. Here, there are sections dealing with:

  • editorial
  • design and typesetting
  • proofing
  • indexing
  • printing and delivery
  • sales and distribution
  • marketing and promotion

The first post in this series is here.

To learn more about this blog, click on “About” in the menu bar. The categories and tag cloud in the right-hand sidebar should also indicate the sort of things being discussed (or, at least, indexed by me); click on any of these to get view those specific posts for that category/tag. Otherwise, click on “Home” to visit the latest post.

I trust that you enjoy this blog and return to it again and again (or simply subscribe to it by e-mail or RSS feed – see top right-hand column).

One Response to Welcome

  1. If you want to see a review of ‘Getting Published’ see http://www.oxfordprospect.co.uk/gettingpublished.htm

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