Finalizing the Index

Once you have finished preparing your index, there is not a lot more to do before the index – and the entire book – is finished and ready to go. You really are (as they say) away laughing, on top of the world.

Well, almost. First, check your index through once again, making sure that it is complete, is ordered correctly and conforms to your publisher’s house style. Only then should you send it off to your production editor together with any final proof changes.

Thereafter, the typesetter will typeset the index (and implement your proofing changes). With luck, you will receive a proof copy of the typeset index before the finished book is sent off to the printer.

Once this proof is cleared, your role in the book production process is finally finished. Don’t expect you can return to a ‘normal’ life, however. Now it will be the marketing department calling on your time. But that is another story; more about that later.

And that is the end of this thread on indexing. Next up is printing.

(Post #11 of the Indexing section of a lengthy series on the book production process, the first post of which is here.)

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