Common editing and proofing marks

The following list of editing and proof-reading symbols is not exhaustive, nor does it cover every eventuality. However, listed here are the most common marks (both international and local variants) that you will encounter during the editing and proofing of your book.

(These are divided into three ‘clumps’ as they have been copied directly from our book.)

First ‘clump’ of marks:

Second ‘clump’:

Third ‘clump’:

Whether or not you use this mark-up method is another matter; there are alternatives (as described here).

(Post #7 of the Proofing section of a lengthy series on the book production process, the first post of which is here.)

5 Responses to Common editing and proofing marks

  1. andrea says:

    Wow!! This is very helpful for me because Copy Reading is our next lesson tomorrow. Thank you very much! Hoping that someone will help me about this..

  2. What a wonderful symbols. It gave answers to my question

  3. seera carolyne says:

    Wow this is really helpful

  4. michelle yoro says:

    This has saved me a lot of time for my next discussion. Thank you very much.

  5. Nora says:

    I’ve found some of the editing marks here: But your list includes even more of them. Thanks for sharing!

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